Winter is over in the quarries


Dear Readers,

Winter is over, welcome to SPRING ! Great time for family break during Easter and great time for the SLATE Business… The snow is gone ! The slate quarries are happy from Spain up to Vermont and the roofers are ready to rock´n´roll. The slate is showing his best colors and we are looking for another record year.

Let the sun shine !! and let the roofing season starts with some great projects coming soon from Boston up to Chicago, Baltimore or California.

This winter, the slate suppliers have been worried with the political changes in Europe and in the USA.

On one hand, Spain exports 75% of the total natural roofing slate they produce between 2 countries – the UK (33%) and FRANCE (42%)  – and on the other hand, those 2 countries are going through some big changes in their economies and policies. We still don´t know the real impact of the BREXIT and we still still don´t know who is going to win the next presidential election in France…

Spain produce in a year an average of 20.000 containers of roofing natural slates. It is exported first to France with 8.200 containers per year, the UK 6.700 / Germany 2.700 / Benelux 1.100 / Ireland 600 and the USA 360 containers per year.

The positive sign is that new countries are importing spanish slates like China, the Middle East, Russia… People finally realize more and more the difference between the quality and durability of the natural roofing slates compared to plastic and synthetic tiles.

As my friend in Vermont always say, “I see great things in the future !”

Be good, be positive and be natural® !   

Source : be natural® – April 2017 

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