Launch on the official DEL CASTILLO web page


This month we announce the launch on the official DEL CASTILLO web page. Please visit us on

We have been introducing this UNIQUE stone from the last years now and have experienced a very positive return from customers, builders and especially architects all over the world. 

Architects loves the uniqueness and the light silver color that allows DEL CASTILLO to have been certified recently as Title 24 in the USA (Solar Reflectivity Index).

We are proud to show jobs from Hawai up to Stockholm and from Columbus up to Dublín.

DEL CASTILLO has been the first quarry in Spain (since 1559) and has been specified by the King of Spain to all the historical monuments since then.

More than a slate it is a phylitte which gives it an extreme resistance and a less water absorption ever (tested 0.09% from the ASTM).

All those results give the option to the DEL CASTILLO to be used for roofing, cladding, internal and external purposes.

If you need samples or more informations about Del Castillo, please contact the following authorized distributors : 
– Nordskiffer (Scandinavia))
– Cembrit (UK)
– California Slate (West Coast USA)
– Newmont Slate (East Coast USA)
– New England Slate (East Coast USA)
– be natural (Eastern Europe)

Source : be natural – February 2017


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