be natural® in Czech Republic and Slovakian Slate Quarries


This month we would like to share with you one of the best kept secret in our world of slate… It exists people “crazy about slates” as far as the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the best news of all is… that we have met them recently !

The trip was put together thanks to the effort and dedication of Jozef and Alena who are sharing not only the interest in Natural Slate but as well the curiosity of meeting new people.

The journey has been a success all along. It was very interesting to learn firsthand the history and heritage of slate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It exists a long and impresive history and culture of Natural Slate and everybody involved is working hard to preserve the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Intensed few days between the visit of the Earth Science Institute of the Slovak Academy in Bratislava, the reception by Zuzana Iváková, Mayor of Marianka, the slate pit in Panský, the visit of the smallest mining exposition in the Slovak Republic, the snow in Odry and the underground visit of the Flaschar’s Mine (with spleeping bats included !), the quarry of Jakubčovice nad Odrou and finally, the beautifull Budišov nad Budišovkou Slate Museum.

Thanks to the hospitality of Jozef, Ján, Roman & Alena, Jakub, Klára, Kristyna, Jan and Karol, the Heritage of Natural Slates is in Good hands.


Like Jozef would say… ZDAR BOH!

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