SLATE is cost effective

The roof is your home’s most important line of defense when it comes to protect you and yours from the elements.

When choosing your building material, remember that natural slate is the most cost effective and ECO FRIENDLY product.

Natural slate is affordable when you take into account the long term durability and the costfree maintenance.

Kgs/m2 – lbs/sq
Natural Slate 5mm (1/5”)33 – 6601001
Natural Slate 7mm (1/4“)46 – 9251001
Natural Slate 10mm (3/8”66 – 13201001
Clay Tiles60402
Concrete Tiles55303
Fibre Cement25253
Asphalt shingle12204

* Mass Volume for roofing slate is: 0,0028 kg/cm3 ( 50 x 25 x 0,5 x 0,0028 = 1,75 kgs/slate )

From an environmental point of view, slate roofs are healthy roofs unlike petroleum-based roofing material that can off-gas harmful volatile organic compounds into the air around your home.

If going green is a priority for you, the best choice is to be natural®, choose natural slate.

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