Slate History

Natural Slate has been used throughout the history of civilization. In the ancient world, slate was used as an aid for communication systems for hieroglyphic script and text and secondly as a building material.

The Romans used slate for the roofs on their houses as well as for raw materials for their administrative and military buildings.In areas where the material was accessible, it was used as a construction itself without any transformation.

Using slate as an important construction material started during the Middle Ages. The first organised quarrying of Natural slate dates back to the 12th century, in France and later in countries with cool, wet climates such as Germany, England and lreland. From the 13th century, you could get good quality regular slate which created an interest with builders and architects.

In Spain, slate from Madrid Area was used in the 16th century under the order of King Philip II. After he visited Europe and saw the French and German Castles, he decided to cover the roofs of emblematic buildings in the Madrid Area.

In the mid 19th century, the opening of railways in Europe had an important effect on the industry which reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century.

Nowadays you can find Natural Slates mainly in Spain which is the biggest producer in the world, following by Brazil, China, North America, England, Portugal, Scandinavia and Italy.

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