Roofing slate terms

Roof Features Explanation
The Jower edge of a roof
Hip Inclined meeting line of two slopes in a pitched roof forming a salient angle
Mitred Hip A covering of slates cut to form a mitred joint at the hip and laid with soakers
Ridge The apex of a pitched roof
Verge The side of a roof
Valley The meeting point of two slopes
Margin The exposed area of a roofing slate
Course A horizontal row of slates
Ribbon Course A course that has a different margin to the norm on the same roof
Diminishing Course Courses that have margins that decrease from the eaves to the ridge
Eaves Course The first row of full size slates at the eaves
Undereaves Course The course of short s lates bellow the eaves course finished flush with its lower
edge, and of a length to give the correct head lap
Undercloak Slates fixed beneath battens at verges
Soaker Small piece of sheet metal, shaped to fit between slates at the joint of the roof surface and a vertical wall, hip or valley


Slate Roofing Explanation
Roofing The upper layer(s) of a roof which provides a weatherproof surface
Slating Laying roofing slates as roofing
Fixing As above
Cuttings Slates cut to meet (usually at a Hip or Valley)
Head Nailing Fixing with nails app. 25mm below the head
Centre Nailing Fixing with nails just above the head of the course below
Holing/Drilling Punching countersunk holes in the slates to allow fixing
Back/Face The upper (visible) surface of the slate (chamfered side)
Bed/Underside The surface laid onto the battens (un-chamfered side)


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