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La Querola d’Ordino: A new way of living, luxury in simplexity, optimization of space and the environment, houses of author, design and creativity, sustainability, landscape integration

Why Ordino?
It is an innovative residential project, located in the village of Ordino, in a privileged setting, with easy access to all the services of the village on foot. Ordino is a parish of Andorra and is considered the most preserved valley in the country

  • Dominant position
  • Isolated but close
  • In full nature
  • Amazing architecture
  • Respecting the environment
  • Sustainability
  • Geothermal energy
  • Natural materials in construction

The Project

The philosophy of La Querola is a new concept of luxury, intermunicipal and universal, where the meaning of the word is summed up in the use of different spaces.

Each resident can enjoy private spaces with total privacy, as if he were in an isolated house in the middle of the forest, but without the disadvantage of living alone. As well as you can enjoy unique community spaces designed to live in a community.

The project consists of 51 houses with character, which are interrelated with the different landscapes, all houses have interior and exterior spaces distributed at different levels within the volume of La Querola de Ordino.

Each house is an exclusive, unique house of author, with its own personality, respecting the spirit of the project.



Source: La Querola d’Ordino

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