When politics influence the slate business


France, with its 8 360 trucks / year (700 trucks / month), is the biggest slate market in the world.

The region of Galicia, in Spain, is the primary source of production because french quarries are now all closed. 

Since January 2017, the France consumption is slowing down because of the french presidential election. Nobody know who’s gonna be the next president of France and these uncertainties leads to a slowdown of the economy in general.

On one hand Le Pen run a campaign that was anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and traded on white supremacist themes.

On the other hand the centrist Emmanuel Macron a former banker, is seen as a political newcomer – and run without the backing of an established party.

We need to be positive and believe in the future ! In May the economy will start again for another year and neither Le Pen nor Macron will stop the natural roofing slate business growing ! Looking forward to the 7th May, day when we will know the new French President. 

Be positive, be natural® !

Source : be natural® – April 2017

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