Trend in Green Building Spotlights Natural Slate T


It’s the sliding global economy combined with lagging home sales that are the prime motivating factors behind more people than ever today rolling up their sleeves for do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

However, it’s a general increase in global awareness combined with rising energy prices that’s behind the growing trend in green carbon friendly building.

A trend that has today’s more enlightened homeowner taking a long second look at so many of the materials that they would have used in the past on their home upgrade projects. Products like energy gulping kiln fired Slate Floor Tiles.

So now more than ever natural slate floor coverings like slate tiles are fast becoming the new look in modern home and business interior design.

A look that speaks to the new carbon friendly trend in building, and at the same time it’s a classic natural look that defies fickle changing trends in the marketplace. Trends that all too often can have other floor coverings appearing dated in as little as a decades time. Natural Slate Tiles offer a better deal in terms of cost than other flooring options that you might pay a little less for better but can end up looking dated in a decade or so down the road. Something worth considering.

Then along with being timeless in style, because it’s a natural earth-tone product that’s available in a variety of shades from light gray to black, it blends in and compliments pretty much any design style.

It’s tough and durable because it’s stone, requires minimal maintenance and blends with a wider range of colors and textures in a design scheme.




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