The black gold !


In Northwest of Spain, in Galicia you will find some black… GOLD !

That is the way we call it in this rocky region.

It is probably the smalest part of Spain so well known all over the world. From Asia up to Europe or the Americas, Spanish Slate is traveling the world.

It gives job directly to 2.500 persons and indirectly to 10.000 people in Galicia.

More than 400.000 tons of finished products are produced per year from this region.

It counts more or less 50 quarries today.

90% of the material extracted go to the export market to France in 1st place, the UK, Germany, Belgium and Ireland mainly.

New export market like the US, Australia, Rusia are becoming significant in the overall.

At least 75% of the production is dedicated to the roofing industry even if more and more the quarries are expanding into the cladding and the flooring business.

A good future for the area if we all drive in the same direction !

Spanish slate is the perfect product for all type of building and it can be used  along with the Vermont, Chinese or Brazilian slates.

be slate, be spanish and be natural !!!


Source : – November 2017

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