Slate buildings in Madrid


This month be natural® have been in Madrid, Capital of Spain.

Which building can be impresive enough ?

We choosed the BBVA Tower in Madrid financial district. It is one of the most important architectural landmarks of Madrid, with its striking ocher color.

Situated on the main Avenue of Madrid, “Castellana 81” has been built in 1979 by the architect F. J. Sáenz de Oiza. It is a skyscraper of 107 meters high (351 ft).

Del Castillo phylite was choosen at the time of the construction and today for his complete renovation, Del Castillo was elected as the main Stone supplier again.

The result is impresive. On floors or façade every detail has been looked after carrefully because the building is protected by the city of Madrid as an historical monument. 

Slate is unique and for ever ! All the architects know that and that is why it is so popular all around the world for Roofing, Flooring and Cladding.

More next month Amigos, be good – be yourself – be natural !

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