Roofing slate export from Spain to the rest of the


This month, the spanish customs have finnaly issued the 2017 report of roofing slate export from Spain to the rest of the world.

Spain is by far the biggest producer in the world for Roofing Slates with 503.000 tons (20.500 containers) produced in 2017.

In total, between all the countries, it shows 2.5% less in the total volume of sales but a 2% up on Price compared to 2016.

France still the number 1 buyer of Roofing Spanish Slate in the world with 210.000 tons (8.500 containers) which represents 2.5% up compared to 2016.

The UK comes in second place of imports from Spain with 154.000 tons (6.300 containers) even if it had experienced a 9% less in volume compared to 2016.

Germany in 3rd position with 67.000 tons (2700 containers) purchased from Spain, Belgium in 4th positions with 19.500 tons (800 containers), Ireland in 5th position with 16.500 tons (700 containers) are all keeping the same level of imports between 2017 and 2016.

Note that Luxembourg with -23% less and Sweden with -30% less have been the countries with more down turn on their imports between 2016 & 2017 when Denmark with +35% plus and Andorra with +22% plus have been the 2 countries increasing the most in imports during 2017.  

The USA arrives in 6th position in Roofing Spanish Slate Imports with a total of 8.500 tons (350 containers) almost similar to the previous year. Fort he last 5 years, since 2013, the USA have imported close to 1.750 containers in total which shows an average of 350 containers per year.

The market in the US is stablelising, the demand is still important but could increase much more due to the number of houses built every year in the United States from coast to coast…

The number of slates from China or Brazil has increased but it still Natural Stone. The main competition is the companies offering “plastic slate” and all those “fake slates” are increasing very  fast… Fortunetly we will always have people who recognise the quality of the 100% Natural Slate ! And from Spain, Vermont, Canada, Welsh, Brazil or China, we have to put our strengh together to make Natural Slate GREAT AGAIN ! 

Be slate and be natural® my Friends.

If you want to know more about all the statistics on a monthly basis, countries by countries, please check and go to EXPORTS to find it all !

Julian Calvo – May 2018
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