Princeton University clubhouse re-roofed with Verm


The eating clubs at Princeton University are private institutions resembling both dining halls and social houses, where the majority of Princeton upperclassmen eat their meals.   Each eating club occupies a large mansion on Prospect Avenue, one of the main roads that runs through the Princeton campus.  This area is known to students colloquially as "The Street".   Princeton’s eating clubs are the primary setting in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920 debut novel, This Side of Paradise, and the clubs appeared prominently in the 2004 novel The Rule of Four.   In her novel The Accursed, Joyce Carol Oates repeatedly refers to the eating clubs and to the position of Woodrow Wilson, who was the President of Princeton University at the time of the plot.

In the spring of 1902, based on the idea of four sophomores,  a stake of $400 was placed to ensure the secure formation of the Tower Eating club the following year.   The Clubhouse and Tower located at 13 Prospect Avenue were built  in 1917 and is still used to this day the Tower symbolized the club and bears its seal.  
In 1921, the clubhouse, which by then had become synonymous with Tower, had a disastrous fire, which started and was mainly contained within the tower immediate plans were made and rebuilding was rapidly completed.  Throughout the war era, the club remained open even though its membership dropped at one point to a mere fifteen men, all of whom were ROTC officers. 
Throughout the years, Tower had been maintained through the leadership of a number of particularly devoted individuals.  The club has added a sunroom, a billiards room, and the new kitchen and dining facilities.  Tower was one of the first clubs to decide to accept women in 1971. Recent improvements to the club include the purchase of a new entertainment center and the renovation of the basketball and volleyball court in the backyard along with the reproofing with Vermont multi-colored graduated Newmont Slate.
Today, Tower is a vibrant club of approximately 220 upper-class members whose interests encompass nearly all aspects of Princeton life.  Members enjoy what has been consistently rated the best food on "The Street" as well as wide array of resources at their disposal including entertainment facilities, pool tables, DVD collections, computer facilities, and much more. To those who now use it daily, it is a second home  in Princeton. 
Source : be natural®  – october 2016


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