New Year, new slate, new company !


Since 2012, be natural®  has been exporting American Roofing and Cladding Slates into Europe.

This "niche" market has been growing constantly. The uniqueness in colors of the american slates has been a real success when presented to architects and builders in Europe especially.
In the Slate Valley you can easily identify 10 different colors. The most comun are the SEA GREEN and the STRATA GREY even if the most popular outside of the US will be the PURPLE, the GREEN and the RED.
Most of the slate comes in Imperial sizes even if few american producers are making slates in Metrics when it cross the Ocean. All slates are splitted from 6/7mm mínimum. All sizes can be made from 30cms x 20cms (12"x08") up to 50cms x 30cms (20"x12"). The time frame can be an issue when you consider that in Winter time the temperatura can come close to -20 degrees !!
For the last 4 years, the export market of Natural Slates from Vermont to the world has been increasing significantly.
be natural®  is one of the reason of this success. It has been very active on the promotion of the Vermont Slates travelling between the US and Europe, attending most of the shows and sending more than a thousand pieces of samples to Distribuitors, Architects, Builders, Instalers…all over the world.
The result of all this good work has been the set up of a company in Vermont only last month, VERMONT NATURAL SLATE Co. is taking place in the little town of Wells in Vermont, USA.


With this new set up, be natural® look forward to promote the american Slates to the most prestigious Jobs outside of the USA. This month be natural® will start with the presentation of their products during the well recognised B.A.U trade show in Munich, Germany.
Last but not least, not only the construction industry is interested in looking at new colors and new sources, but the "slate table ware" companies are also looking at the VERMONT NATURAL SLATE products in order to present new articles to restaurants and hotels. Vermont slates will be presented at Madrid Fusion food show end of January 2017.

So in this new year, let´s be colorfull with be natural® and let´s try some Greens, Purples and Reds form VERMONT NATURAL SLATE ! 

Source : be natural® – January 2017



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