New slate roof for the Wilson College (Pennsylvani


This month we bring you a project at one of America’s finest Universities, Wilson College, Wilson College was founded in 1869 as a college for women, one of the first in the United States. The Pennsylvania Legislature granted the original charter on March 24, 1869.  Sarah Wilson, for whom the College is named, provided the initial gift for the establishment of the College. She was the first living woman in the United States to endow a college for women, truly a landmark in American history.

When the majestic and historic John Stewart Library of Wilson was ready for a new slate roof, the original being a beautiful PA black, the choice was easy, GalCar unfading black 20×12, one of the world’s finest slates.  Supplied by Newmont Slate Co. and installed with the QWIK Slate Installation Process, as we see from the enclosed pictures, this is a magnificent restoration.

Our special thanks to Julian from be natural and the Galcar Team in La Baña, Miguel, Alberto & Alejandro.


Bob – Newmont Slate – June 2015
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