Natural slate specification


Natural slate specification can be confusing, says Ged Ferris, with guidance for Greenbuild News readers.

Natural slate is a traditional building material, with a heritage that goes back to Roman times. It offers a fantastic combination of aesthetic appeal and exceptional durability. Natural slate can become a positive factor in a building’s whole life costs, which is key since environmental issues continue to increase in importance in all areas of construction.

Natural slate satisfies a common requirement of modern specifications – sustainability. As well as lasting the lifetime of the building, natural slate can be salvaged and re-used. In fact, reclaiming natural slate for roofing and cladding has been common practice since the middle of the last century.

Natural slate is often specified to respect the traditional or local character of the area in which the building is situated, as a natural product features variations in colours, sizes and textures. This is especially important in conservation areas, where slate selection must match existing roofing materials on surrounding buildings.

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