Natural slate in the city of the Incas (Peru)

This month I will not talk about my trips but about my brother Antoine who collaborate with be natural® every so often in France in the distribution of Natural Slate for internal and external uses.
This month he went on holidays to Peru in South America with the idea of visiting not only the famous Machu Picchu but all the “losted” and forgotten INCA cities on the wild mountains.
After 3 days trecking up and down the valleys between wind, rain and cold, he happened to reach a place above 10.000 Feet – 3.000m and discover Natural Slate stone !
At some stage he thought it was a bad joke of his big brother (understand me !), the SLATE geek of the family… soon he realized that he wasn´t dreaming, he has natural slates in front of him.
So no matter where you are traveling to, watch every details around you … you are maybe surrounded by slate. Normal in a way when the NATURAL SLATE is the most beautifull stone in the world ! Even the lama knows that !
See you in 2 weeks time in the US at the IRE Show in Orlando if you are around, be natural® is sponsoring the Slate Roofing Contrator Association – booth # 2480.
be good, be slate and be natural !

Source : be natural® – January 2016


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