Killaloe Irish Slate


The very first roofing slate production in Ireland took place in Killoran (County Tipperary). The Killaloe grey-green slate has been very popular all around Ireland, Scotland and the UK for prestigeous jobs.

The production started in the 19th century until it declines after the 2nd world war when the ciment tiles become very famous.

In the 1960s, the production was at his highest peak and counted close to 700 workers between three diferents companies extracting natural slate in the area.

Between 1988-1994, Capco Roofing the Irish natural slate leader set up a joint venture with the well known Welsh slate quarry, Penrhyn. This partnership last six years until the quarry finally closed down.

Nowadays, Killoran Slate Company, owned by Jim O’Donoghue and his wife keeps alive the natural Irish slate history promoting the 2nd hand slate from Killaloe to the heritage jobs.





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