Joe Jenkins at the international Roofing Expo


It will take place in Orlando,Florida the 23rd of February during the International Roofing Expo at the Orange County Convention Center

The convention will start at 7:45 am until 9:15 am Room S310C, south hall
This session presents fundamental techniques of traditional slate roofing, including tips and tricks of the trade. The attendees learn about slate types and sources, tools required for successful slate work, scaffolding and staging methods for slate roof installation and repair, and general installation basics as well as important but often overlooked details. Participants will learn about common mistakes contractors make when installing slate roofs that can ruin an entire job, and how to avoid them. Flashing details, especially involving copper flashing, and soldering issues will be reviewed. Session material will be presented at an intermediate level (10% material for commercial contractors with 90% applicable to residential contractors) and is geared towards all size companies.

For the slate professionals presented at the show, don’t miss it !

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