Imported Unfading Black Slate in USA



The choice between a Vermont quarried domestic slate and an imported slate from Spain, the source for more then 85% of the world’ slate, is in many ways a decision on color and characteristics and sometimes matching an existing project.  All Spanish Imported Slate, for the most part, is black and variations of black, gray-black, dark gray, black-gray, etc.  Imported unfading Spanish black, S-1, the highest designation of quality re: ASTM, tends to be very uniform in characteristics.  This is a factor of availability, scale of production and to some degree the laws of nature. If your project requires an unfading and non-weathering black or dark gray slate, an S-1 Newmont Imported  Unfading Black  Select  is an excellent choice.

Job of Galcar in Vermont 

Shelburne Farms in Vermont


This month we bring you a project at one of America’s finest landmarks, Shelburne Farms was created in 1886 as a model agricultural estate, using money inherited from railroad magnate William  Vanderbilt, one of the richest men in America in the late 1800’s. World renowned  landscape architect Frederick Olmstead,  was commissioned to layout  3,800 acres (1,500 Hectares ) of farm, field and forest, and New York’s finest architect, Robert Robertson, designed the buildings. The estate was created by purchasing a large number of mostly agricultural properties, and then adapting the existing roads and lanes to fulfil the owners vision for the estate.The property is listed on the American National Register of Historic Places.

Job of Galcar in Vermont 

Recent repairs to the spectacular black slate roofs were done with imported Spanish Black a near perfect match, as the enclosed phot’s show (see if you can pick out the new slates!).  Slates were supplied by be natural,


Source : be natural® – January 2016



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