How to be unique ?


This year, a customer looking for a Natural Slate roof in Australia was asking me: "how to be unique ? …"

I said Multicolor ? He replied that the Multicolor was very popular and many houses had Chinese slates on their roofs…

I said Black ? He replied that it was very nice but some houses in Melbourne had Spanish on their roofs…

I said Purple ? He replied that it was quite unique but that he already saw some old welsh slate roofs in his neighbourood with purple shades…

I said Green ? and he said YES (Oufff for me, I was tired at this stage)

Finnaly last week I received the picture of the finished Job of Unfading Green from Vermont Natural Slate Co.

It tooks more than 6 weeks for production between extracting the blocs from the Vermont Quarry, processing the best slate and splitting by hand one by one the 20"x10" (510 x 250) roofing slates.

A full container was needed for this beautifull house and it tooks more than 2 months to go from the heart of Vermont up to Melbourne in Australia…More than 10.000 miles (+ 16.500 kms !) of a distance.

The slates have travelled well and after 3 months, the job was completed.

The unfading Green from Vermont is the most unique Green Slate in the world due to its clear Green shade and its high resistant property. It has been classified as an S1 slate by the ASTM Test laboratories.

Now we have a UNIQUE roof with a UNIQUE slate and beleive me a UNIQUE … and HAPPY customer !


I take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and an happy new year 2018 !

be unique, be happy and be natural.

Source : be natural – November 2017

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