Cleaning Slate Floors


Slate is an elegant material that adds color and durability to your floor. Available in a wide variety of textures, colors, and affordable prices, slate is a fantastic, low-maintenance alternative to other stone tiles like travertine and even laminate flooring. To keep your floor looking as good as the day you bought it, using a homemade slate floor cleaner is key.

While making your own slate floor cleaner may seem like a daunting task, there are several simple recipes that don’t require a lab to make. A strong and durable flooring material, slate is even used to make roofing materials.

However, using harsh chemical cleaners damages stone over time, while gentler natural alternatives reduce strong fumes and acid damage. A natural solution to cleaning slate floors isn’t far from the truth with these five great recipes and cleaning tips.

Here Is How I clean slate floors

No matter how well you take care of your floor, it will need regular marble polishing service. However, cleaning slate floors is easy and requires just a few simple steps.

  1. Sweep the floor first to remove any debris or vacuum the floor with a soft bristle attachment or vacuum designed for stone floors.
  2. Clean the floor with a cotton fiber cloth mop. Sweep the mop in the same direction each time, moving slowly so you don’t spread any dust or dirt.
  3. Combine two liters of warm water with 1/4 cup of mild soap (dish soap or slate floor cleaner) if desired; if your floor isn’t very dirty, tap water will do.
  4. Wipe the floor slowly, wringing the mop often to avoid spreading dirty water.
  5. If the floor has foam or soap, rinse it with a clean mop and clean water.
  6. Before walking on the floor, make sure it is completely dry.

When cleaning your slate floor, move any carpets or furniture around so you clean the entire floor. This will keep the staining and wear on the floor even.

Stain remover

Mix equal parts of water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray on the stains. Let sit for five to ten minutes, then scrub with a soft scrubber (not steel wool) or soft bristle brush. (Take care with slate floors with colored grout; bleach can damage the color of the grout.)

  • For stubborn stains, mix detergent and baking soda into a bubbly paste. After the blisters have subsided, apply the paste to the stain and let it sit. Then wipe the board with a warm, damp towel.

It’s best to clean your table with water and a mild detergent at least every two to three months, even if it doesn’t look dirty, to prevent dirt buildup and staining. And because slate is porous (very prone to absorbing moisture and stains), you may want to seal it with a stone and tile sealer, a product available at major hardware or tile retailers.

With regular maintenance, your chalkboard can stay beautiful, warm, and inviting for years to come.


What’s the best way to clean slate floors?

When washing slate floors, you can use slate cleaner, mild laundry detergent, or mild dishwashing liquid. We recommend using a commercial product to ensure your floors are protected and for the best results. It is also possible to use a pH-neutral product. Use warm water and mix in a quarter cup of dish detergent or soap.

How are slate floors rejuvenated?

If you don’t want to leave your chalkboard with its naturally chalky, dull surface, you can use a sealer to revive its colors. This can be achieved by using an improving sealer, adding some sheen to the tiled floor, and keeping it wet.

Can you use Dawn to clean slate floors?

After cleaning, allow the solution to air dry for the best results. If you have a grease stain on your slate floor or need a way to remove oil from concrete, dish soap like Dawn is probably the simplest solution. The soap is mild enough not to damage the floor and strong enough to remove most oil stains.

What shouldn’t you make a clean slate with?

Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners when cleaning a slate floor or removing stains. Acidic cleaners, including plain vinegar, cause a chemical reaction that can corrode the stone. Strong cleaners can strip sealant from slate and grout.


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