California slate company


This month, the world of slate has brought me to California to meet the number one slate distributor of the West Coast: California Slate Company.
There is no visit long enough to see all the beautifull jobs California Slate has supplied over the years.
From Los Angeles up to Seattle, the most prestigious Slate Roofing jobs have in comun the quality and the know-how of the California Slate Company.
For years now, California Slate offers in exclusivity all  the be natural® range of products.
From the Del Castillo phylitte, the spanish Hebra and Galcar slates or the Brazilian roofing tiles, the choice of premium slates is guaranteed.
All the Natural Roofing Slates supplied are guaranteed for life and are certified A1  by the European CE and the US – ASTM laboratories.
Next time you are on the west coast, around San Francisco area, stop by California Slate company and discover some of the most unique natural roofing slates on the brand new displays and stock yard in Oakland.

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