Bernardos phyllite is declared Global Heritage Stone


This mineral similar to slate has been extracted from the community since 1558 for royal buildings constructions.


One of the most important construction stones of the Spanish architectural history, Bernardos phyllite, it has just been recognized as a Global Heritage Stone by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS). Bernardos phyllite has been extracted from the Segovian municipality since 1558, when King Felipe II gave the order to begin work on the royal buildings that would record his reign.

Victor Cardenes, professor of the University of Oviedo and one of the promoters of this recognition, recalled that «influenced by the Flemish architecture, Felipe II ordered that slate roofs be used». With this, he introduced the slate architecture, which allows slim and long-lasting roofs. For this, it was necessary to locate slate deposits, finding the outcrops of Bernardos. «It is important to mention that the stone extracted here is not actually slate, but rather phyllite, a more geological evolved stone than slate, which gives it greater strength and durability», Cardenes points out. Over the course of centuries, Bernardos phyllite has been the economic and social motor of the area, making it the source of wealth and calling card worldwide, since it has been used in unique projects in most parts of the world.

This recognition as Global Heritage Stone has been driven by the producer company Bernardos and the above-mentioned professor of the University of Oviedo and slate specialist consultant Victor Cardenes. This recognition will serve to value not only the phyllite itself, but its history, social and economic impact, and cultural connection with Bernardos.

In the city of Segovia, under the reign of Felipe II, the roofs of the Alcázar Castle were renovated and the Mint was built, for whose roofs, phyllite extracted from the Segovian municipality of Bernardos were used.



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