Be natural back in the US for the annual roofing


This month, I went back to USA, to New Orleans – Louisiana where it is always a pleasure to go and taste some NOLA food in famous Bourbon Street !

The trip started like a “very bad trip”… delays for SNOW in Madrid ! It looked like Vermont for few hours Grrrr !

So the direct flight suddenly transformed into a Madrid-London-Boston-New Orleans !!

Anyway, I arrived late and tired but I arrived and met at the bar Joe Jenkins, Nick Price, Chris Pawlin … the best in town ! Thanks for the beers guys !

The IRE this year was very interesting, with good conferences and it allowed me to see some people that I haven’t seen for a long time.

The IRE is the biggest, most influential trade event for the roofing construction and and provides total coverage of the innovative equipment, suppliers, resources, information and technologies that are shaping the future of our industry. The place to be !

One more year, be natural was proud Sponsor of the SRCA stand at the IRE where many people came to visit the guys banging the slates !

During the show I also had the opportunity to meet Julius Erwing, the famous american basket ball player known as Dr. J ! He was there to reveal his personal tactics for overcoming challenges and cultivating a champion’s mindset. As an ex-basket ball player myself, I was very intimidated.

be natural Julius !!!

More next month amigos,

Source : be natural® – March 2018

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