Benefits of slate green building

Slate is fireproof – it doesn’t burn at all.

  • Slate is also waterproof, the surface darkens when wet but this natural building material is impermeable to water.
  • Slate doesn’t need much maintenance, so no ongoing costs there.
  • Slate doesn’t require a potentially harmful chemical protective surface because it is naturally resistant to the elements.
  • Slate should not be treated.
  • Slate can be prepared in different sizes and thicknesses to suit building purposes.
  • Slate remains naturally stable in normal or in extreme weather conditions.
  • Slate comes in an array of natural colors and each piece is unique.
  • Slate is a clean and smart material.
  • Cost is low when you take into account the long term durability.
  • Slate is versatile for interior and exterior.
  • Easy to fix with only a hook or 2 nails per slate.
  • Damages slates can be replaced.
  • Slate can also be glued using non toxic silicone and so keep its eco friendly characteristics.
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