SLATE natural benefits

The 1st and most important benefit when choosing a Natural Slate is to choose a 100% natural building material.

Environmentally Friendly. Slate is extracted from the ground, only cutted and splitted but never transformed during the production process. Unlike petroleum-based materials that can off-gas harmful volatile organic compounds into the air for weeks, months, and even years after being installed.

Fire Proof. Unlike other building material, slate are naturally fire resistant. Slates are non-combustible.

Water Proof. Slate are naturally water resistant and this is the main reason why it has been choosed for centuries as roofing material all over the world to protect your home from extreme weather conditions.

Resistant. Slates are resistant to attack by severely polluted atmosphere (eg: acid rain). Slates are highly resistant to frost, heat and rapid temperature change.

Durable. Natural qualities give to the slates an extremely long life. Most slate tile last for 100 years. When the building comes to an end, it can be recycled.

Choice in colours. The most popular are Black, Grey, Purple and Green. It is important to distinguish 2 type of slates. The FADING which will change color over the years and the UN-FADING Slates which will keep the same color forever.

Choice in thicknesses. Due to its natural property, slate can be splitted in different thicknesses depending of the aesthetic you are looking for and the weight you can afford on your building. The thicker slate will give a more textured and more character to the roof. The thinnerslate will give a more uniform look.

Tested by international laboratories. Most of the slates in the world are tested and certified by international laboratories such as CE (for Europe), NF (for France), ATG (for Belgium) or ASTM (for the United State of America).

Unique. Each piece comes from mother nature and is unique. Like all natural products, the tone and the natural ageing of the slate will give a distinctive aesthetic to your building, like no one else.

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