be naturalĀ® slate in New-Orleans


After flying more than 16 hours, I finally arrive in New-Orleans, with 5 degrees Celsius, (real American degrees 40 ) not far from the snow and the 0 degrees at the Galician quarries, a very cold and snowy year for Northern Spain and America !

A month ago I was in the “Didgeridoo country”, and last week I went to the “jazz country”  to visit the International Roofing Expo, which took place from the 24th up to the 26th of February.  

Julian meets the SRCA - International Roofing Expo

For the last 3 years, be natural® has been exporting to America and has seen the  demand increasing every year - by a significant amount. The future seems to show that the increase will keep growing so I had to be there...

This show brings together the most important actors working in roofing materials.  I met slate companies to understand their needs and the market and I saw the last innovations of our industry.
The expo is designed for decision-makers and those having decision-making influence from every segment of the roofing construction and maintenance industry such as architects, builders, consultants, distributors, installers.

Note on your agenda for the next appointment :
16th, 17th and 18th of February 2016 in Orlando (Florida). 
Once again, thank you for your support and "Aurevoir mes amis” like we say in French Quarter !

We catch up next month, be good, be safe, be natural®

Source : be natural® - February 2015